The Shift Network’s FREE “Winter of Wellness” Event Continuing Through March 2015

Last night I heard a great and informative interview with Nadine Artemis, author of Holistic Dental Health.  The interview was offered freely as part of the Shift Network’s ‘Winter of Wellness”  event.  The talk was one of many interesting conversations I’ve listened to over the past month.   Each interview is freely offered and available for about 48 hours after it airs.  Check out the link to see the event schedule.  The March leg of the event starts with Ocean Robbins on March 2nd. Nadine’s talk will still be available for about 28 hours from the time this blog is posted.  If you miss it there is lots of great information on her website and I would go as far as to say that visiting her website, Living Libations, is even more valuable than hearing the talk itself.  She offers practical advice on how to care for our teeth (click on the tab that says Beauty Care Articles) and shares aspects of dental health and its relation to our overall health that few dentist will share with you.  Despite the fact that her site is a store, you don’t have to buy anything to take advantage of all the great advice, and there is even information on how to make your own toothcare products rather than buying hers. I first heard Nadine Artemis speak on Daniel Vitalis’s podcast, ReWild Yourself!, and appreciated her holistic approach to health.  I am excited for the March leg of ‘Winter of Wellness” because we will hear from Vitalis as well.  Aside from his fun podcast, he is the creator of  Another highlight coming up is an interview with Holly Tse who offers a practical website informing us how we can apply some of the simpler aspects of Chinese Reflexology at home.  I have delighted in experimenting with some of her easy to use techniques to counteract oncoming colds and anxiety. These are a few people who have inspired me on my own journey towards health and wellness.  The rest of the March program looks listen worthy as well.  I hope these links prove useful to all of the curious minds out there and those interested can enjoy the rest of the event.


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