This blog was created as a space to share a little bit of my story, but more importantly to share information that has the potential to help others on their own journey towards a healthy mind, body, and soul.  There is a wellspring of healing traditions thousands of years old.  This blog seeks to explore this wisdom while bearing in mind that humans and society have changed and new approaches are successfully marrying old, proven methods and recent knowledge to continually improve upon each healing modality.  Homeopathy is a great exmpale of this.  This journey takes us back in time, but also through the present and into the future of where human potential truly lies and of what is actually possible in healing.

For a little over a year I have been on a journey from the loss of health back to the road of recovery.  Having little luck with allopathic medicine I turned towards other forms of healing such as homeopathy, TCM, reflexology, Reiki, and meditation, amongst other holistic approaches. The more I dive into the Inner World the more I see how it manifests in the Outer World.  The transformation from health to “dis-ease” and back again has been beyond expectations and continues to astound me.

Some posts will be anecdotal, while others will merely relay media or knowledge that I found useful in my own life.  Thanks for visiting 🙂


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