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The Healing Power of Sound with Jonathan Goldman

Jonathan Goldman has spent a lifetime dedicated to creating sounds, vibrations, and frequencies that facilitate healing within the human body, mind, and spirit.  He is the director of the Sound Healers Association and can be found at www.healingsounds.com.  I have been enjoying the 7 Minute Chakra Tune Up which is available on his site.  It is a quick and enjoyable experience you can include in your wellness routine.

There are many world traditions that have long known the healing power of sound.  On Goldman’s site you can research these ancient belief systems as well as learn about how modern science is finally beginning to validate these ideas.  Feel free to take a look at this PDF where he explains how we can best receive the benefits of the 7 Minute Chakra Tune Up.  The health improvements one can expect include:

 Increased oxygen in the cells

 Lowered blood pressure and heart rate

 Increased levels of melatonin

 Reduced levels of stress-related hormones

 Release of endorphins—self-created opiates that work as “natural pain relievers”

 Increased levels of nitric oxide (NO), a molecule associated with the promotion of healing

 Release of oxytocin, the “trust” hormone

I have no affiliation with http://www.healingsounds.com or Jonathan Goldman.  I am a fan of his work, appreciate what he does, and it is my hope as many people as possible can benefit from it. Happy listening.


The Hidden Power of the Heart Free Download…until Dec. 26th

This blog is a space for sharing teachings and knowledge that carry the potential to unlock our own innate healing abilities.  I am a huge fan of what is going on at the Institute of HeartMath and excited to have the opportunity to share this free gift they are offering until December 26th.  The gift is the ebook updated version of The Hidden Power of the Heart: Discovering and Unlimited Source of Intelligence.  If this resonates with you then take a look at what the Insitute of Heartmath has to say about their free gift and then follow the link to their facebook page to download a copy of your own.

Each of us has a magnificent power within that can fulfill us with hope and empower us to live our lives to our greatest potential. Tools and how-to for unlocking possibilities of love, compassion and peace. New mind-expanding topics include holographic awareness, the dimensional shift and DNA blueprints. You will discover a hidden power available to everyone! Click link for free download, http://www.heartmath.org/fb/giveaway/ihm

The Medicinal Power of Mushrooms and Immune Support

Mushrooms popping up last week in La Pedriza, Spain.

Toadstool sighting last week at La Pedriza, Spain!

I currently live in Madrid and, as in most of the Northern hemisphere, it’s mushroom season.  Each autumn the allure of those tender toadstools entices countless inhabitants  of the city to make their way out to the Sierra with baskets and knives in hand, dreaming of succulent sautes and other seasonal dishes.  For me mushroom season conjures up images of tasty food, but also a strong and healthy immune system allowing one to handle flu season with grace.

Each week I pick up a box of organic vegetables from a farming couple who happened to make an outing last week.They were collecting boletus edulis, or porcini mushrooms, but also had shiitake for sale.  As Gabi, the husband, began to wax about the magic of mushrooms; their versatility and flavor in culinary uses, the joy of collecting them and eventually their medicinal properties, I remembered an incredible mycology-oriented treatment I had been blessed last year.

If you’ve read my first post or the About section of this blog, you know my immune system wasn’t functioning well last year.  In September my WBC had already dipped to 2.7.  On November 14th, 2013 I received a concerned call from the laboratory saying I needed to see a doctor the following day.  I had a blood test that day that showed my white blood cell count was far too low, with a WBC of 1.78, lymphocytes measuring 837/µL and neutrophils measuring 748/µL.  I followed their advice and went in the next day for another test, the results were similar: WBC 1.79, lymphocytes 639/µL, and neutrophils 915/µL.  The low range values expected are 1000/µL and 1800/µL respectively for lymphocytes and neutrophils.  The doctors warned me that if I had a fever I should get to a hospital immediately and that if my numbers had been closer to 500/µL it would have been wise to check into a hospital.  The dangers of neutropenia or worse loomed in my head as I made my way home with plenty of warnings and fear, but little practical advice on what to do or how to heal.

“Let food be they medicine, and medicine be thy food.” – Hippocrates

Being no doctor, it was difficult to say how accurate their statements were, but it was alarming to say the least.  Fortunately, a friend had told me about an MD turned homeopath/TCM practitioner who was kind and reasonably priced.  Immediately I made an appointment.  After an hour and a half interview about my constitution, emotional states, medical history, and current woes I was sent home with a homeopathic remedy and a supplement made of maitake, reishi, and shiitake mushrooms.  Being trained in TCM, she was well aware of the ancient wisdom regarding the power of mushrooms to boost the immune system.  Dr. Eliaz, an expert in integrative medicine, sheds more light on this here in an article from the Rodale Institute.  In just one month both my lymphocytes and neutrophils were back up to acceptable levels.

After a year of taking a holistic approach towards health my energy levels are up and going into autumn my immune system is in much improved shape.  I am grateful to actually be able to hike and spend time in nature this year, observing the fall fungus take root in the renewed moisture of the woods. Rather than worrying about my health, it is a blessing to have the clarity of mind to think about all of the possible mushroom recipes out there instead.

This post is anecdotal in nature and is not intended to be used as medical advice or suggest specific treatments or methods.  Please do not attempt to use mushrooms medicinally without consulting a medical professional first.


Please follow the link below to read a great article by Amy Lansky.  She is the author of Impossible Cure, an incredible book on homeopathy that helped me put my own healing journey into perspective and understand the workings behind my experience.  The article below gives a nice introduction to homeopathy and the basics on how scholars and scientist believe other energy healing modalities work.